This vintage IBM clock is in EXCELLECT CONDITION for its age.

The serial number indicates that it was shipped from the IBM factory in 1952. The wood base, steel "arms", and steel clock cases have their original gray "textured" paint finish with virtually no chips or paint specs. The original brushed-aluminum clock faces have the IBM logo, and are also in great condition. The convex glass crystals have no cracks or major scratches.

The original mechanisms in this clock required a master clock to set the time. I have replaced the mechanisms with BRAND-NEW, solid brass, stem-set mechanisms with Synchron motors. The time can now be set with a knob on the bottom of each clock. (this was also an option for IBM clocks of this vintage...I did not modify the cases in any way ...still true to the period ) This clock should perform flawlessly for many years, while still retaining the 1950's nostalgia .

It runs off standard 110V AC (cord attached)

Can be wall or ceiling mounted.

The clocks measure 13" in diameter. The mounting base is 24" X 8". The whole thing "sticks-out" about 18"

Although the mechanisms are new...I can not provide a warranty. Sold as-is.

Feel free to ask any questions...and Thanks for looking!