Vintage IDEAL Toy 1962 ODD OGG Awesome toy w NO RESERVE

Oh my OGG! It's ODD OGG!! He's ; back from 1962, ready to lurch forward and leap into your heart - again. For auction today we have one seriously vintage IDEAL toy that you just don't see enough of. It's a big plastic half frog, half turtle, known as ODD OGG. Odd ogg has NO dents, no visible scratches, and is good physical condition. He could use a little bath, though.

Battery compartment is CLEAN, but you need the battery compartment cover for Odd Ogg to work, and I don't have that. This is not a problem if you have any knowledge of electronics or electricity at all. The cover is needed to complete the battery power circuit. I am sure that Odd Ogg will work but I cannot guarantee it, since I do not have the battery cover.

Everything else is intact with old Odd Ogg No balls or box included; just the (coolest ever!!) toy pictured. Can you tell I love this big guy?

Odd Ogg is about 7.5 inches tall, 13 inches deep and 13.5 inches wide, thus shipping and handling in a Large Priority Rate box, anyw in the USA is $15.95. International bidders, please email for quote.

As always, a LOW starting bid, NO reserve, and just for fun, a Buy-It-Now option for those who hate to wait, can't stand losing, and know how hard it is to reunite with an old friend like Odd Ogg. Thanks for looking and GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR
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