For your consideration is a Vintage Imperial "Trick Magic Knife" Pocket Knife.

I liked this knife before I knew how cool it really is. First trip to the auction and no one could open the knife. Next week it was still there and it was open. But then it wouldn't open again. Had to be something wrong with it but I got it any way. Played with it quite a while before I figured it worked just as designed.

Amaze your friends with this magic little knife. It has a special locking mechanism that opens the knife just far enough to pull open (see picture #3). When you're done it locks back in place. It all has to do with the little hook shape close to the base and how you hold it when you lock and unlock it (I'll tell you if you don't know).

Condition is pretty good for a 50+ year old pocket knife. Celluloid has some surface scratches and a small crack on one side. Blade has an unsual shape compared to other examples. It's sharp but could use a proper sharpening next time around.

Thanks for looking.

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