Vintage Infinity Refrence 1 Bookshelf Speakers

Up for your consideration is a pair of nicely preserved Infinity Reference One bookshelf speakers. Acoustically, these speakers are quite powerful for their size. The polycell tweeters produce a vibrant clarity without the irritating brightness; the woofers produce an equally impressive array of sonic "Boom" that most of today's genre of music required. Auditioning this piece of equipment is impressive for the fact that for a relatively small package they can deliver a faithful reproduction of sound that Infinity is known to deliver. The size is not too small; unlike now a day bookshelf speakers you see in stores. While yesterday's technology can not be compare to today's, this system can display a pleasant sound for those audiophiles/casual listeners out t who are demanding and critical in their music. If space is the factor in your home or office; then this will serve you well not just for the clean and visually pleasing but for the pleasure of quality sound they reproduced: The cabinet is very well constructed, all corners are sharp: Cosmetically, it deserve an A minus: few scratches and t, no rotted forms to content with, and the speaker shields may have some minute threads hanging out: all of which have no bearing on symphonic details that this speakers can yield. The bass is quite deep but yet smooth and non muddy, blending

Of notes: This speakers paired well with the Rotel reciever I used to own. And even with my mid 70's Sony, these speakers remained true to the sound. This Ref. One speakers will pair well with any of good vintage receivers.

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