Vintage Inuit Eskimo Beaded Raven Moccasins Mukluks

Up for auction is a pair of vintage hand-made Inuit (Eskimo) mukluks. They look to me to have some great age to them as they are well-worn and somewhat crudely constructed, but I am no expert. Maybe one of you who has more knowledge could clue me in? Please


The soles and sides are most likely reindeer hide and the tops have a rabbit fur collar. They appear to be all hand-stitched with nice stylized raven design beadwork on the vamp of each moc. The individual beads are very small. Mukluk size: approx. 11 inches long from heel to toe and approx. 4 inches wide at the ball of the foot. Condition: the deerskin has dried out somewhat. The rabbit fur is shedding and several small clumps are missing. Rabbit fur and skin breaks more easily once frozen than say wolf or caribou. The missing fur from around the trim is probably from ice and snow being knocked off of them when they were taken off once inside. There are numerous wear spots and small holes throughout the sides and soles from ice damage as well as natural wear and tear to the skins. Both mocs have a lining of a lightweight felt-like material that is in good condition.

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