Vintage Irice Czech Perfume Bottle - Black

This auction is only for one bottle!!!

I have the whole collection in all blue, green, red, purple, pink, clear, and yellow. These are the real bottles - not the reproductions. It took a long time to collect all these different bottles. Now you have an opportunity to get them very easily. REMEMBER, each bottle is auctioned separately. I'll start each one at the same price.


Selling whole Czech perfume bottle collection - individually.

Bottle in collection for several years and in storage for last few years.

This little Checkoslavakian bottle is dirty and definitely needs a good cleaning.

All the bottles need a good cleaning. I cleaned one bottle and it came out looking really shiny. According to the picture, I'm sure you can tell which one I cleaned. Needless to say, I'm not going to clean each and every bottle that is listed or will be listed. I'll leave that little task to the buyer.

Up for auction is a pretty Chech gem of a perfume bottle from Chechoslovakia.

These little Chechoslovakian gems are highly collectible perfume bottles.

This Czeck bottle is vintage.

It is an original Czechoslavakian bottle.

This Czechoslovakian
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