Vintage Iridescent Crackle Glass Candle Holder/Lantern

Up for auction is this Estate purchase iridescent crackled glass candle holder/lantern. Very unique piece. The glass globe fits inside of a metal cage. Unfortunately the iridescence does not show up well in the picture. The main color is lavender but shows pink, blue, and gold. The globe looks like a pumpkin (that is the only way I can explain it) Segments that go from thin to wide to thin. I'm not sure what the metal is but it must have been outside for many years as it is rusted. Still in good working order. The top is closed with a bar latch and the globe and candle go inside. It can then either stand alone on its feet or be hung from the handle. Except for the rust it is in excellent condition. Please see companion aqua iridescent lantern with bird on top. Item # 160260446692 The total size is 8 1/2" across by 10" high. The globe itself is about 6 1/2 by 7".