vintage k istanbul 22" ride cymbal

Here is my Vintage zildjian k istanbul 22" ride cymbal.

It actually measures 21 and three qaurters overall.

It weighs in at 2000 g which makes it an extra light " i think "

It has an intermediate stamp, and on doing some research 1955-1966 ?

THE DOWN SIDE TO SOME ! It has a fair amount of keyholing and it has a 10mm crack on the outer edge and a few dings in places. The cymbal is slightly mishapen on one part of the outer edge ( nothing major )

I have tried to be as honest as i can with the description.

I would appreciate any questions (info on this) if you need more photos i can send them.

Full courier service U.P.S fully tracked and insured.

uk bidders only please

Thanks D

Having spoken to someone yesterday about the cymbal,they thought due to the weight and size it would come in as a medium size ride. I have never sold vintage cymbals before therfore i will take any good advice.