Vintage Italia Electric Guitar Monza w/ Amp Pod Celebrity Owned w/Custom Case

This is a very rare guitar, in a rare color....Champagne...... It's the discontinued Limited Edition Italia Monza, in vintage styling like the EKO offerings from the 60's.....Heavily built guitar for superior sustain....Triple Trev Wilkinson designed pick-ups, and Wilkinson Tremolo w/ push-in arm. The original amp pod is there, and as the guitar, in mint perfectly, and is a killer practice amp (9V) can play clean or overdrive with the pod.....Really cool looking and practical for practicing riffs.
Look at the details of the guitar......This is NOT Chinese made junk.....Italia's are manufactured in Italia's main factory in South Korea with top quality materials and workmanship, and Trev Wilkinson has played a major role in the designs and hardware implementation on these fine guitars. Check out for more information. Todd Rundgren and many other stars play Italia's and love 'em...... Elliot Easton from the "Cars", Ricky Philips of "Styx", Jeff Cook of "Alabama", and Kenny Olsen from "Kid Rock" to name just a few. Italia's are world famous for their quality. This particular guitar weighs in at 8.2 pounds without the pod....Very well built guitar.
This exact guitar came from the private collection of Rick Vito, famed guitarist from Fleetwood Mac (among many other famous groups....and the buyer
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