RARE Vintage Old IVES Train Engine with smoke stack Pre-War, O Gauge 1900 ?

This is an unrestored train engine for O Gauge track (unknown maker could be Lionel, Ives, or other). This is part of a small unrestored vintage, old train car and track collection that my father had as a boy (he was born in 1922) that I am putting on eBay today which include Lionel, Ives, and some unknown (to me at least) All my train listings are with no reserve and begin at $5.00. PLEASE CHECK OUT MY OTHER LISTINGS.
A nice man on EBay informed me of the following so I have revised this listing to a starting price of $250.
"this is an extremely rare and early Ives loco. probably made around 1901 to 1902. It is worth far more than the $5 starting price, you might want to stop the auction and research this a bit more. this is a #0 or #3."

When we think of early model trains, the names Märklin , Lionel , and American Flyer naturally come to mind. After all, Märklin Bros. and Company debuted its first wind-up model train in 1891, Joshua Lionel Cohen designed his first electric train in 1900, and American Flyer got into the model-train business in 1907.

Ives beat them all. Edward Ives established his Ives Manufacturing Company way back in 1868. Between that date and the end of the 19th century, Ives trains were of the pull-toy and wind-up variety, made out of tin or cast-iron. The technology was primitive, spurring
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