Vintage Ivory Perfume/Cocaine Bottle w/spoon dauber?

... This Auction is for: Vintage Ivory Perfume/Cocaine Bottle w/spoon dauber? that was part of an estate(s) that I acquired and am listing See my other auctions , .....for more interesting items to come (as time permits). Click on Pictures to Enlarge I try to keep them small for easy loading I would really appreciate everyone paying with PayPal so I can keep everything in one place. Thanks You Are Bidding On: This Unique Oriental (Chinese?) Perfume (or Cocaine) Bottle? I'm not sure exactly what it is, but... It is covered in raised 3-D design of figures people and animals I've taken 2 very close ups of each side (top and bottom) and tried to line them up. Kinda looks like a scene from Da Vinci or Michelangelo painting about HADES I once saw. It stands about 2-3/4" high The bottom has no markings. It has @ a 2-1/4" dauber or in this case a mini spoon. I got this in an estate auction out of New Bern, NC in a bunch of perfume bottles which I have some listed A long time ago I think Cocaine used to be (somewhat) legal or at least socially accepted by the elite. I have no idea what it is made of, by I suspect ivory or bone (But that is just guess, comments welcome) It seems to be in PERFECT CONDITION! with no nicks, chips, cracks or repairs (with the exception of the lid that seems to be a little off center and maybe had broken and repaired, ... read more