Vintage Jade & Ivory Look Chinese Old Man with Buddha Statue

I attended a marvelous antiques and estate auction, the estate of an 88 year old woman with eclectic, artistic taste, who had traveled the world in the 1940's (at least China, Japan, and Italy - maybe more). She favored white upholstered furniture; wood furniture in Chinese, French Country, and various antique styles; white and gold china; gold flatware and accessories; beautiful antique decor items from Japan and China; and lots of old-fashioned silver hollow ware.

This was one of the lovely items in the lady's extensive collection of Oriental statues, many with the look of jade or ivory. This was probably acquired during her travels in the 1940's, and it has an impressed Chinese chop mark. This statue was made to look like jade and ivory, but I can't tell what the material is (though it's quite heavy). The jade part, in particular, looks quite authentic, with a beautiful warm green color and translucence at the edges. If it's not actually jade, it's such a good look-alike that probably only an expert can tell the difference. The ivory part is more apparent as a look-alike, purposefully antiqued to look like old ivory. The entire piece looks to be hand carved.

This wise old Chinese man may be a priest. He wears a top knot, has a long beard,
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