Vintage JADEITE FLUTED glass perfume bottle I.W. RICE

Pretty glass perfume bottle made of green (Jadeite) fluted glass. Plunger-style spray. Decorative top of plunger is missing (just the prongs w it was attached are sticking up.)

Original label on bottom reads: I.W. Rice & Co., Inc., Made in Japan, An Irice Import .

Goldtone spray is in excellent condition. T is no plastic tubing (w it would attach inside to the sprayer). Glass bottle is in very good condition except for a tiny chip along the bottom edge (see photo). What looks in the photo like discoloration in the glass must be a shadow, because t is no staining visible to the naked eye. The glass is very clean.

Bottle contains the residue of a very pleasant smelling perfume.

Measures 4-1/4" tall (with plunger) x 2-1/2" wide.