5 Vintage Japanese Cast Iron Miniatures/Figures, Temples, Pagoda and Torii

I am selling these 5 Vintage Japanese Cast Iron Miniatures/Figures of 3 temples, a pagoda and a torii (Shinto Shrine Gateway). These very old miniatures were acquired at an estate sale of a retired engineer in the old Highland Park, Texas neighborhood. These were originally part of a very detailed and extensive diorama of an old Japanese Village during Edo Period of Japanese History. The estate sale decided to take the whole thing apart and sell the figures individually. From what I was told and some research online, these cast iron figures were made in the 50s or 60s. Due to the different scale of sizes of the figures, I am just selling the miniatures in similar sets of 2,3,4 or 5. I will be listing the other miniatures in separate listing in the next couple of days.
3 Japanese Shinto Shrine Temples (Measurements: Base .82" x .72" Height 1")
1 Japanese Pagoda (Measurements: Base .43" x .43" Height 1.74")
1 Torii (Itsukushima Shrine) (Measurements: Base .42" x .52" Height .93")
All Miniatures/Figures are MADE IN JAPAN and some still have the original labels.
Shipping is for US. Contact me if you are elsewhere.