Vintage Japanese Hanging Scroll JUROJIN & SUN

Vintage Japanese Hanging Scroll Art Painting, JUROJIN & SUN. Longevity God, also known as SHOU LAO.

From time period: Post-1940

Approximate hanging size: 24" x 76", width not including roller ends.

Hand-painted on paper, mounted on cloth/fabric.

Notes about condition: Typical general wear for its time period, including wrinkles, creases, stains, soiling. Please judge by the pictures.

PLEASE READ the following:

This scroll is in vintage or antique condition as shown in the pictures. PLEASE CAREFULLY NOTE CONDITION! Antique & vintage scrolls are NOT in perfect or new condition, and vintage/antique condition can and probably will include a various combination of stains, creases, wrinkles, tears, smears, fading, soiling, moth & bug damage, missing pieces, moisture damage, mold & mildew, holes, repairs, musty smell, and other wear. All the wear is not always easily visible. Dating and time periods are in most cases not written or marked on item, and estimates might not be accurate. Please see the pictures, and ask questions before bidding/buying if needed. Don't forget to have a look at the other items I have for sale, and thanks for looking!

Vintage & antique items are generally sold as-is, no refunds. Please see my return policy.

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