This auction is for a vintage JAPANESE MASK DANCE DOLL. The masks are adorable and include Hyottoko, Tengu, Kitsune, Saru, Oni, and Okame. Each mask represents a particular character to the Gods. The Dancing doll itself is beautifully detailed in what I believe to be the original costume. The doll is in nice shape, but it appears that one of her hands has been broken and was repaired. T is still a chip missing. The hand that has been repaired also has a crack on that same arm.

The details on the mask and dolls face are wonderful quality. T is a little wear to some of the masks paint. The original box tells the story of each mask. It is in good condition, but one side of the box has been repaired. Attached inside the lid is a paper description label which is intact. States Made in Japan at he bottom of the label.

This is a very nice collectible vintage doll. Hope you are able to repair the hand and restore this wonderful doll. Email me with any questions.