Vintage Japanese Meiji Period Satsuma 1880's to 1910 Bowl

Vintage Japanese Meiji Period Satsuma Square Bowl
Size - 4 " tall, 4.75" wide each side
Marks - Chop mark in red
Condition - No chips or / dings , edges show some age wear, slight glaze crackle may be original, very good considering age
Beautifully hand painted, this bowl depicts a fisherman hauling his net with many multicolored glass floats on one side; the other shows his success, his fishing pole and a fish nearly as large as himself! Within the bowl are two more carp, swimming free. The inner edge is elegantly trimmed in red and black with blue on the corners. There is lavish gilding throughout the entire design. Though I am no expert in Japanese wares, my research shows this to be an older piece and not a modern reproduction.