Vintage Japanese Mezzotint Pair Prints Framed

Beautiful and wonderful color on these two framed "mezzotint' Japanese prints. I would best estimate from the 30's. They measure 12" x 10" and 14" x 12". Very good condition on one and the smaller one looks like it has a small tear near the top right hand corner years ago but I've never had it out of the frame so it was not real noticable to me til I sold these the other day. Of course when I began to wrap them I saw it in better light and naturally had to disclose that to the buyer who was most gracious and understanding. Since it was to be a gift though, they couldn't except it that way of course. Look at the photo and you can see it, some age wear to frames. Though I do not give refunds or accept returns, I describe accurately and am more than happy to send more photos & answer as many questions as necessary to make you feel secure in your purchase. Thanks and have fun shopping ebay. BUY ON THANKSGIVING DAY AND GET 50% OFF!