3 Vintage Japanese Wood &Gofun Dolls Ladies in Waiting of The Imperial Court

This set of vintage Japanese dolls represents Ladies in Waiting of The Imperial Court, and is part of a Hina Matsuri Festival group. The two larger dolls are 7" tall, and the kneeling doll is 5" tall. Their hands are wood, and their heads are wood or composition with inset glass or resin eyes and a lovely gofun finish. Wigs are attached to a slot in their heads. One doll has a metal hair ornament. The dolls are of excellent quality with beautiful garments of red cotton and gold threaded brocade. Each doll has a wood platform measuring 3 3/4" by 5" by1" with decorative gold floral designs on the front, and each doll comes with an accessory- a small wood and paper table with a bowl, a metal teapot, and a long handled metal object I can't identify. The set is in excellent condition. The only imperfection I can see on the dolls is a faint spot below the dot on the face of the doll on the right in the first photo. One wood platform has a small corner chip in back, one has a small nick, and one has a paint smudge.