Vintage Japanese Wooden Yosegi Puzzle Box Alarm Drawer

Yoschegi Puzzle Box

Vintage Japanese

circa 1950s

My Daddy brought this box back from Japan after his service during the Korean conflict. My sister and I destroyed almost everything he brought back (we liked to dismantle things.), but this box somehow survived.

This is a unique and rare, vintage Japanese Yoschegi Puzzle Box. It has lovely detailed inlaid designs on each side and a beautiful inlaid picture of a scene with a home, trees, mountains, a boat in a river, and birds. On the back it has a picture of two Scottie Dogs - One black with a white collar and one white with a pink collar. The secret inside drawer has a removeable top with two inlaid pink parrots and a tiny brass drawer handle. When you open or close the secret drawer a musical alarm plays. It is my understanding that this characteristic is rare - and difficult to find.

Measures approx. 6" long by 2 3/4" tall by 4" wide

Yosegi: (or yosegi-zaiku) is a type of traditional Japanese mosaic woodwork which originated in the late Edo Period - sometime in the early 1800s. The mosaic is created by rods of different woods glued together, and cut perpendicularly into fine slices. The surface is then lacquered.


NEAR MINT : T are a couple of very small places w the wood is chipping, although it is
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