Vintage Jim Henson Muppet "Animal" w/movable eyebrows, VG Condition

For sale is one Vintage Jim Henson Muppet "Animal" with movable eyebrows. This puppet is in good to very good condition: I found no rips, tears, stains or lingering odors. The puppetry parts are intact and fully functioning.
This doll measures approximately 2 feet tall and its hands have velcro pads so they can be posed in various positions. The mouth can be open and shut and there is a lever to move his eyebrows.
There may be some minor surface dirt, dust or marks that may or may not come off with proper cleaning. This item is older and has the characteristics typical of vintage fabric items, including fur matted in some spots, some fabric disintegration including flaking, loose threads, some fading, etc. Please examine all of the listing photos for a better idea of condition and size.
Immediate payment is due at time of purchase on all Fixed Price, "Buy it Now" and/or auction items. If unpaid within 24 hours, the item will be relisted or offered to the next highest bidder.