Vintage John Primble Belknap Barlow Pocket Knife

I have up for auction one vintage John Primble Belknap 2-blade Barlow pocket knife. This is a vintage pocket knife by John Primble Belknap INC. Never used, sharpened or carried. The blades have strong snap. This knife measures 3 3/8" closed. The tang on the main blade is tang stamped "John Primble Belknap INC" and is etched "2478". The shield has the Primble logo. This knife is in near mint condition and would make a fine addition to anyones collection. The only thing keeping this knife from being mint is a small blade rub from opening and closing the blades.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have. You must be at least 18 years of age to bid/buy this item. I cannot be held responsible for uninsured items. Check out my other auctions for more great knives.

Description definitions:

Pristine mint: Knives in this category must be flawless, and must have additional characteristics that set them apart from mint. They could have an unusually good fit for example.

Mint: This would be a knife that has never been carried, never sharpened, never used, and does not have rust problems of any kind. Some collectors will classify a very old knife that has a few rust marks as mint (especially those made prior to WWII). The newer the knife gets from t, the less rust specs it must have to maintain
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