Vintage John Wayne Print by TL Thompson-RARE

A friends 85 year old family business decided to make space in their time capsule store room. Inside the climate controlled mini museum are sporting goods from the 40's,50's,60's and 70's. All are brand new, fascinating old cleats,bats,balls,clothes,boots,shoes, advertising and much more. Most still in original boxes or cases not even opened, some paper wrapped,some dusty from never being touched since delivered. We are going through the new old stock one shelf at a time, feel free to email for anything special.We are now going through boxes of stock removed from the shelves many years ago. Also boxes of returned and exchanged goods,the store used to have a policy that if you did not like the way a pair of pants or jacket fit, you could exchange them. Now we found two boxes of advertising posters tucked away in a corner cabinet. This auction is for:

1-Very Vintage John Wayne commemorative print, handed out to dealers of Award Design Medals-makers of fine belt buckles, this was the first in a series of prints by TL Thompson, this one is signed and dated 1982', it's called "Monumental Memories", I don't know if the picture shows it, but to the top right in the blue clouds are faces. T is a small amount of staining in the white area only at the top. Printed on heavy stock paper, very very nice print of "The Duke"...And very
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