Vintage E.K. Blessing Artist Trumpet

E.K. Blessing Artist Model Trumpet

This is a very nice horn in both quality and playability. E.K. Blessing began manufacturing brass instruments and components in 1906 and the family has continued to run the business to the present. As a testimony to his abilities as a craftsman, in his earlier days, E.K. Blessing made all the valve assemblies for Vincent Bach Stradavarius Trumpets. The Artist Model offered for sale here is a professional level horn and dates to approximately 1960. It is built solid and plays beautifully. In that era, the Artist Model and its Super Artist counterpart were Blessings top of the line horns. Clifford Brown knew their quality and while making all of his pretty sounds played on a Super Artist, with a .468 bore. This Artist model is approximately a .458 bore and has very good intonation. This horn has recently been cleaned and adjusted by Crone Trumpet Repair (trumpet4u).

Good used case and 5C mouthpiece included.