Vintage Keen Kutter Mitre Box and Saw

What a find, This auction is for a Keen Kutter Miter Saw. I was able to actually locate this saw online in a catalog from 1939.

A little History on the maker of this product:

Laura Ingall's visit to Keen Kutter

"We went to the Manufacturers' Building... and saw the "Keen Kutter" exhibit. In the center of the space, which was nearly two hundred feet square... Everything about the exhibit was worked by electricity. Above... is an arch made of glistening spoons of different sizes. At the upper right-hand corner was a gigantic pocket knife with four blades that kept opening and shutting and at the upper left-hand corner was a row of seven blacksmiths standing each at his anvil with a different tool in his hand. At stated times first one and then another would beat the tool on the anvil with his hammer... At the center top were two windmills made of ax blades continually turning. It was very interesting."

SEPTEMBER 29, 1915

E.C. Simmons & Co. was a wholesale hardware dealer which marked all types of tools. Although they were not a maker per se, the company did acquire controlling interest in the Walden Knife Co. in the 1890âe(tm)s and had some of their tools made by that company. They were bought out by the A.F. Shapleigh Hdw. Co. n 1940. Besides their best known brand name KEEN KUTTER,
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