Vintage Kenner MASK Prototype Iguana Box Mock-Up Pre-Production

Offered for sale today is a very rare vintage Kenner MASK prototype. This is a box mock-up of the Iguana vehicle (with Lester Sludge), which was done in what ended up being non-production coloring. Rather than the red box that ended up being produced, this box features silver highlighting/box color, making for a very stark contrast between this prototype, and the production version that was released. I have included a photo of the red production box, but only the prototype is included in this auction. I originally purchased this from Cloud City Collectibles several years ago (back when Tom Derby was still involved with them).The box/prototype itself is made from several separate pieces, which have been hand cut, and taped together to form the box. The individual pieces are produced on what almost seems like a heavy photo paper (but not glossy like photo paper), but is obviously not what the final produced version was made from. Definitely a pre-production construction medium for box layout/design. I am not sure what stage of production this is from? (mock up sample to test a new color? To show a different option to someone at Kenner? Etc??), but it is definitely a neat piece. The tape that holds everything together has yellowed over time, but it doesn't seem to be brittle, and isn't flaking off of the piece.I will also include with ... read more