Vintage - New - Kenner's Sparkle Paints - Superheroes and Superman - 1967 - NIB

* "It's Kenner It's Fun" was their slogan with the Gooney Bird logo.

* New - Sealed Shrink Wrapped - Boxed version - Never used - Never opened .

* Sparkle Paints was a very popular line for years,Introduced by Kenner in 1966 (this is the 1967 version).

" Paint Pictures that sparkle like Jewels"

* You will be bidding on and getting both items as seen in picture : # 152S and # 153H .

SUPERMAN Sparkle Paints - Excellent condition - Includes five (5) Superman Pictures.

"It's fun to Sparkle Paint your TV favorites"

MARVEL SUPER-HEROES - In very good condition - A slight shrink wrap tear in the front window and the paint & holder are slightly out of position - includes five (5) Action Pictures.

"It's fun to Sparkle Paint your comic favorites".