Vintage Keystone 8mm Movie Camera Model K-8

Model: K-8

Film: 8mm Roll Film
Lens: Wollensak Cine Velostigmat f 1.9
Power Source: Wind

Front of Camera Reads:

KEYSTONE 8 m.m. Camera Model K-8 Exposure for panchromatic film & color film-light objects. Brilliant sunlight sky, sea & distant scenes f.11. Bright-open scenes and close-ups Hazy-open scenes f.4. Light shade and open scenes on dull days f.3.5. scenes in heavy shade on sunny days f2.5 to f.1.9 Color film-dark objects and winter use 1-stop larger. Made in Boston, U.S.A. This movie camera was produced in 1936. Patented Numbers: 2082505 & 2168941 Serial No. 977412 Side opens completely to put film in. T is a wind up handle on the right side. The camera winds up and runs.

See pictures for full conditions and details.

If you are a collector, or maybe you are thinking of becoming a collector, take good look at this camera.