VINTAGE KIMONO:White Uchikake; Multi-Layered

VINTAGE KIMONO:White Uchikake; Multi-Layered
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Description Title White Uchikake; Multi-Layered Age 1970's Technique woven Material of body Silk Material of back lining Silk Size (inch) 73 inches / 185 cm
27 inches / 69 cm
26.5 inches / 67 cm
41 inches / 104 cm
Condition Used. Though t are several damages, it's in good condition.(Photo ref.) Comment It is tailoered like as Juni-Hitoe-Jitate; multi-layered. Designed a apttern of flying cranes and butterflies, warrior curtain ( Jin-maku ) and weeping cherry blossom. Glossary For a glossary of terms for Kimonos, please visit our About Me page
Shipping Fee This item weighs 4160 g E.M.S. (Express Mail Service)
4-5 business days to USA Trackable
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S.A.L. (Surface Air Lifted)
2-3 weeks to USA not Trackable and not insured
SAL mailpost is available under 2.0kg including packaging materials. USA, Canada $82.00 ($---) Europe $94.00 ($---) Australia, NewZealand $82.00 ($---) Asia $60.00 ($---) South America $160.00 ($---) About over 2.0kg package, SAL parcel post is applied.
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