Description: Vintage Kitchen Gadget Tap-Icer Ice Cube Cracker

Maker/Brand: Tap Icer Company, Springfield, New Jersey

Features: 's an interesting idea from 1964 for a Hand Held Ice Cube Cracker called the "Tap Icer." It consists of a slender plastic wand wirh a metal weight at one end, and a handle at the other end. It breaks up ice cubes by vibration. This Tap Icer comes in it's original box.

's how the Tap Icer works: hold an ice cube in the plam of one hand. With your other hand grasp the handle. Now move the weight rapidly up and down with wrist action of the handle hand, causing it to vibrate. Bring the vibrating weight into contact with the ice cube. Don't "beat" the ice cube. The vibrating weight will be enough to break up the ice cube (see photo 4).

We tried out the Tap Icer and found that it "sort of worked." Perhaps with practice it would work well. A U.S. Patent was granted on the Tap Icer on November 3, 1964.

Size: Length, 10 1/2 inches.

Age: 1960's

Condition: Excellent Condition. The box is in good condition, for it's age.

This interesting old Tap Icer Ice Cube Breaker is in Excellent Condition. It would be a Great Addition to a Collection.

This Great Old Tap Icer is up for auction with no reserve. Please feel free to ask questions. Payment is due
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