General Mills Kix Cereal miscellaneous large lot of Cut-out cardboard train set and misc. items lot is from 1947. The cut-outs were printed on the back of the Kix cereal box. Most of this lot is already cut out except for a few(see pictures). This lot is in excellent conditon. The print is vivid. Lot includes observation car, oil car, reefer refrigerator car & Pullman NYC passenger car (partly uncut out), switcher, wrecker train boom car, engines, Sesame Street Easter Egg Spress train, buildings, Jim Bridger & indian figure cutouts, Burlington truck & factory (not cut out), misc parts,and more etc. Some of the box sides have some nice advertising ads on them.This lot takes you back in time.I can almost taste the Kix cereal.

Also t is one complete Kix box.It has all six sides complete,the box is cut so as to open it flat but all 6 sides are t and they are still connected together.It is the one you see in the one picture from the back with the green and black passenger car on it and a green/black comic on the opposite side.When this is turned over onto the box outside it is a complete Kix box with all six sides and even the small flaps are t

----- The complete box is number 11 eleven.T were 16 different boxes to the series.The complete box and some of the other box pieces are dated 1947.The box says 35
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