Vintage Kodak Retina II 142 35mm rangefinder camera w/Compur-Rapid & Xenon lens

Up for auction is a Kodak Retina II (142) rangefinder camera with a Schneider-Kreuznach Retina-Xenon f:2 F=5cm lens in a Compur-Rapid shutter with speeds 1 thru 1/500 & B. The lens has some dust , but no fungus or haze. The shutter fires on all speeds but is slow on 1 & 1/2. The aperature works and moves freely as does the focus. The rangefinder image is a bit dim but it's definitely useable. The viewfinder is bright and clear. I ran a roll of film through it last week and it worked well.

This camera was previously owned by W.P. Dietz. I know this because W.P. Dietz engraved his name on the top houseing (see pic #3). He also engraved additional fractional shutter speed settings (see pic #4). Lastly, he engraved the focus scale with 31" to mark the maximum close-up. I tried a shot at approximately 31" and it camer out okay.

The big drawback is the shutter release. The little arm that grabs the release on the shutter slips off. I'm sure this could be adjusted rather easily, but I don't want to take a small problem and make it large. I will say, however, that the body release also acts like a double exposure preventor because you cannot use it if the film hasn't been wound and the film will not wind unless it has been tripped. This is a seperate mechanism; therefore, the camera needs film for everything to work
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