Vintage KPM Porcelain Serving Platter with Hand Painted w/Delicate Pink Flowers

Welcome to our Family Estate Sale!

After the passing of our 102 year old Matriarch, it was necessary to clear her house of possessions for some renovation. She came here from Germany when she was just one year old. Her parents left their homeland for America just before World War I started. She and her parents came through Ellis Island!!
We have found items that date back to her parents and possibly her grandparents. Many we have kept but there was so much in the house she had lived in for 65 years that we are offering some really wonderful things to people who will appreciate them!

I believe that this is another item that came to America with our ancestors. The hand painted flowers and delicate shading is exquisite! I believe this plate was made sometime in the late 1800's.
There are four matching 8" plates that match the design on this platter. She would hang them in a decorative arrangement on the wall. BE SURE to check them out on another of my listings!