Vintage L & L WMC Decorative Glass Scales

Offered for auction is this beautiful decorative scales by L&L WMC (White Metal Company). This scale is decorated with glass prisims, the hanging scales are glass. T is a glass portion also around the top. On the back of the scales at the top are the stamped words L&L WMC, 9137. On the bottom of the base is stamped 9152 base and 9201 wallplate with hangers. It stands approximately 18 1/2" tall, and 17 1/2" wide at it's widest point which would be the glass plates. The glass plate on the right hand side has 2 small chips that are barely noticeable, you have to run your finger around the plate to find them. T is also one other defect, one of the hanging prisms is missing the smaller of the 2 beads. This could be easily repaired. Other than these 2 areas the entire item is in very good condition, t are no areas of missing metal be it brass or gold filigree. This piece is certainly meant to be at home in a victorian house. It weighs 3 lbs, 11 5/8 oz.