Vintage La Tausca Pearl Necklace with case

Vintate La Tusca Pearls With Case. Very Old!!!

This auction is for a vintage La Tausca necklace in excellent condition. The necklace has faux pearls that graduate in size at the front- the front pearls get gradually larger. The original case comes with the necklace. Please view all photos. This pearl necklace is very old, I believe from the 30's. I saw a vintage ad showing these selling for thirty dollars in the 30's. These were high quality imitation pearls of the era.

Below is some information I found on La Tausca Peals

La Tausca Pears was a trade name for high quality faux pearls used by three different companies: Maurice J. Karpeles, L. Heller & Son Inc and Martin Low & Taussig, Providence RI. This trade name was in use from around 1915 as it was first seen in a Albert Walker jewelry catalog. Then in 1956 it merged with Deltah Pearls and became Heller-Deltah. The La Tausca division was later bought by Arlan Jewelry Co.The main La Tausca store dealt in fine jewelry and was located on Fifth Avenue, New York City.

These faux pearls were advertised as indestructible and often had 14kt gold filigree clasps that were marked La Tausca. In many instances these clasps also had a little genuine diamond chip. A gilt metal medallion was attached to all of the jewelry and can sometimes be found intact.
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