Vintage Ladies Art Deco/Nouveau Dress/Fur Clip - L@@K!!

Elegant Vintage Art Deco/Art Nouveau Dress or Fur Clip - Stamped "A1" - 1920's/30's - Good Condition - NR!

This elegantly styled dress or fur clip appears to be cast out of pot or white metal or pewter (unsure) with a gold wash finish, and set with almost 100 tiny white stones (crystal?), and six square cut red stones (glass, ruby, bloodstone, garnet???). It measures 2" tall and 1 5/8" wide (longest and widest points).

The wash is worn in the raised front detail areas from use.

The center portion of the modified shield shape is set with 95 (approximately) cut glass or crystal stones. T are 4 missing stones, and several of the remaining ones have darkened. One appears to be chipped, but I was unable to see it clearly. The missing stones are not immediately noticeable due to the detail of the piece.

T are 3 large square cut red stones/glass (garnet, ruby???) on each side of the rounded top half (a total of 6). All stones are still tightly bonded to the insets. One of the "ears" set with small white stones at the top corners is slightly bent - and fragile.

The clip spring works well and holds tightly, with three gripper "teeth" on the back of the clip. The back has most of the gold wash rubbed off from use, with some remaining in the creases/recesses - most of the pot metal/white metal is
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