Vintage Ladies Beaded Handbag Black w/needlepoint LOOK

Wow, this hand bag is, in two words, "simply gorgeous." This vintage black beaded handbag measures 8 1/2" at its base and is 6 1/4" from top to bottom. The beaded handle measures 12.5" long. This bag has a gorgeous needlepoint floral bouquet on its front with shades of dusky blues, sage greens, rose, gold/yellows. I believe this bag is from the 50's. T is no marking that I can find. The inside is fully silk lined (black) with a single pocket. It is gold framed with a spring closure. The beadwork is in EXCELLENT condition. T are a couple of spots (one on the back and on top of the purse) w a bead or two have disappeared. Does not take away from its beauty in the least.

Please, feel free to e-mail me with any specific questions you may have. I have attached several photos for your viewing.