This auction is for one lamp ---two shown to show you how two would look.

This is a vintage metal based lamp.

Two are available but am selling seperate as someone may only want one. Buy both and save on shipping. Globes will be in a seperate box. Shipping a little more as they are heavy and need lots of peanuts and bubble wrap for safe arrival. I will weigh wrapped and boxed so shipping will be accurate---I do not make money on shipping like some sellers. they sell at a low price but you pay big time on shipping.

Each lamp weighs just shy of 4# before boxing.

The base is heavy....cast metal. They were painted gold when I bought them. They were either gold or brass painted over with gold.

Looks like new wiring as t is an off and on switch in the cord--you can see at right of picture.

Two cherubs with their arms wrapped around the base. Standing on a round white and grey marble piece that is 3/4" thick. No chips on marble.

Above the chreubs is clear six sided piece kind of diamond shaped. Seems to be plastic or acrylic.

T are six glass two piece crystal prisims from leafy ornamental piece.

The white frosted globe is held in place by four screws. A larger clear etched globe with a "flame" bulb would look nice too. That would look very Victorian.

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