Vintage Large Trembler Flower Pot Metal Staret Brooch

This brooch is signed Staret! It is bold, beautiful, and very rare. It is a true Trembler / Tremblant meaning part of it has a spring that bounces slightly when the wearer moves.

Not much is known about the Staret Company. It manufactured jewelry in the 1940s, probably near Chicago. World War II may have been the the company’s demise, as it worked almost exclusively with pot metal. Many factories went out of business when the government called on the nation to donate all metal to be converted to bullets, helmets, canteens, and other war supplies. Can you imagine the uproar if that happened in our modern society?

This piece should be of particular interest to collectors because the patina on the pot metal is still quite bright, and the pin stem, clasp, and tremble spring are all in good working order. Moreover, tremblers of this size and condition are very rare because pot metal is naturally heavy. Consequentially, the spring is usually stretched or missing, which renders the brooch useless.

The pin measures about 2 ½” wide and 2” high. This beautiful flower has a nice bouncy center piece (the part with the amethyst marquis). It looks to be rhodium plated, which accounts for its above average condition. There is no rust or vertigis (green yucky stuff).

The flower is pave chaton (sometimes called
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