Vintage Larry Johnson aka Grandmama Converse XL TSHIRT CONTEST GIVEAWAY RARE

Winner receives the shirt in the picture(s)! International Buyers are responsible for customs,and any other cost after the card is shipped to the Kentucky warehouse! Seller is not responsible for any lost items sent Internationally or Domestic!
previously worn! These were given away at a contest here in Milwaukee in the '90s where people had to dress up as Grandmama to win shoes, tickets to the game and other various prizes. These were given to contestants! Extremely hard to find and I'm not sure of the numbers made or what other cities they may have done this in!
Due to a new job I may be a little behind in answering questions and mailing items! I will do my best to answer your questions ASAP and mail accordingly! Sorry but my job comes first over eBay as it is consistent money to pay bills, etc!
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