Vintage late '30's Slingerland Radio King Snare Drum

Vintage Slingerland Radio King 7"x14" one-ply solid maple shell snare drum, made about 1938-1939. Brass cloud badge, engraved top rim, 3-point strainer, adjustable snare bridges. Sadly, the original black/gold Duco finish had to be stripped off, as some genius had previously painted over it with auto rattlecan paint. No new finish has been applied - please note that unfortunately, some residue of the overspray is evident in the wood - though it sort of reminds me of "spalted" maple. There is some pitting of the nickel plating on the hardware with some wear down to the brass in places. The throw-off arm is heavily corroded, but the strainer works flawlessly. Also, one "cigar" lug has been replaced with a chrome plated version, but other than that, this is all the original hardware. I have set what I feel is a reasonable reserve as I cannot say for certain that the shell is still in round. Some modern top heads seem to go on fine, but others seem to bind a bit. Please feel free to ask any and all questions, however, I will not ship internationally. Thanks for looking!