Vintage Lego 6653~6655 LEGOLAND SEALED GERMAN

Vintage Lego 6653~6655 LEGOLAND SEALED GERMAN
Up for bids is are 2 VERY rare SEALED Vintage Lego LEGOLAND sets. #6655 Auto and Tire Repair. #6653 Highway Maintenance. Originally purchased in either Germany or Austria years ago.
Please note: (as of 6-10-09) due to increased ebay fees I will no longer relist an item more than once and items staring at below $12.99 will be a thing of the past. It is just not worth the time any more..sorry. So if you see an item you want.. don't may never see it listed again. I will be sending items to live auctions or other venues instead..this is just been too much time and $$ wasted lately..ESPECIALLY when I have had a run of non-paying bidders. It gets frustrating. I need more me time :)

Sadly I also have to add as of 6-19-09 I will no longer give ANY PARTIAL REFUNDS WITHOUT CLEAR PROOF OF A MISTAKE IN MY DESCRIPTION IN A CLEAR PHOTO! This scam has started running RAMPANT and was advised by EBAY AND PAYPAL to not offer this any longer. So no more...don't bother asking unless you can prove it! So many are saying things to get money back but keep their items (many threats to my feedback and filing with paypal)..nope..not happening anymore! In all my years I have never seen this its a weekly occurence and I sell so little..go figure!? Items that are SAID to

SERIAL NUMBERS must match if applicable and WILL be documented prior to shipment. Returns will be opened with a member of the postal service and /or law enfocement to be documented as well (also advised to do by PAYPAL themselves)

PLEASE READ... I KNOW IT IS A BIT LONG...BUT TO ME IT IS IMPORTANT...BUT ALSO GREATLY SADDENS ME TO HAVE TO WRITE. IT IS NOT WRITTEN IN ANGER BY AN MEANS. I AM JUST TRYING MY BEST TO PROTECT MYSELF THE BEST I CAN IN THESE CHANGING AND DIFFICULT TIMES. It in no way changes the excellent service I have given and will contine to give While 99% of Buyers I find an absolute pleasure to deal t is the %1 that are not. Please excuse the negativity..I do not want to come across that way but its hard. I am just trying to protect myself were ebay and paypal no longer do I TRULY THANK ALL my loyal customers and I will continue to give the great customer service I have always given in the past. Regarding the DSR system (detailed seller ratings stars)..while you may consider a 4 star rating to be very good ebay does not and penalizes the sellers for anything less than 5 stars. So I strive to give 5 star service and ask that you please consider this when marking the stars during the feedback process. The system is not very clear to some buyers at all unfortunately. I WANT TO MAKE EVERYONE AWARE THAT BEFORE THE CHANGES THAT EBAY MADE TO THE FEEDBACK SYSTEM I HAVE OVER 9 YEARS WITH NOTHING BUT %100 FEEDBACK BUT SINCE EBAY CHANGED HOW YOU CAN SEE IT IT ONLY SHOWS THE LAST 12 MONTHS W BUYERS ARE NOW ALLOWED TO FREELY BASH US OVER ANY TINY ISSUE OR JUST BECAUSE THEY FEEL LIKE IT....SO PLEASE REMEMBER THAT MY FEEDBACK WAS %100 BEFORE THIS....I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER WHAT EBAY TAKES AWAY FROM US HONEST SELLERS..AND AS LONG AS I STAY I WILL CONTINUE SELLING WITH THE SAME INTENGRITY I ALWAYS HAVE SOME OF THE BUYERS DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE HIGH COSTS OF SHIPPING..THE RATES ARE SKY HIGH NOW..ESPECIALLY THE FARTHER AN ITEM HAS TO GO..I DO NOT CHARGE ANY MORE THAN $1.50 FOR HANDLING (which I am now forced to since fees everyw on everything keep on rising) UNLESS IT IS A VERY LARGE FRAGILE ITEM THAT REQUIRES ALOT OF VERY EXPENSIVE PACKING MATERIAL..SO PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE BAD COMMENTS ABOUT THE SHIPPING. I ALWAYS SHIP QUICKLY AND PACK CAREFULLY..I CANNOT CONTROL THE POST OFFICE AND HOW FAST THEY GET IT TO YOU AFTER IT L...

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