VINTAGE Lifetime Stainless Steel Drip Coffee Pot Maker

This is the highly collectible and desireable Lifetime Stainless Steel Coffee Maker. I believe they were made by West Bend. I have sold several and this one is in very good condition. It is advertised as a 10-cup coffee maker. It will make enough for about 6 large mugs of coffee. The four pieces include the bottom pot with the spout and handle,. The unique aspect of this style pot is the container that holds the water before it drips into the pot has the holder for the grounds attached to it so t is no way the grounds can get into the pot. A flat metal piece with holes also keeps the grounds in their container. The top fits over the water container and also over the pot. When the coffee is finished dripping, you can remove the top container, put the lid on the pot and serve it conveniently at the table. You can see the stainless steel is in excellent condition. The black bake lite handles are tight and shiny. This particular year, the Lifetime logo was placed on the metal part of the handle on the top container. It reads "Lifetime Stainless Steel". This style coffee pot is popular for camping or to have handy when the electricity goes out as long as you have an outdoor grill or campfire to boil water, you can have hot coffee!! I will be listing a lot of vintage stainless steel cookware in the next two weeks! Let me know if you are ... read more