VINTAGE Lighting dimmer board theater live stage lights

Dove Scenemaster 6 channel Stage Lighting control board. This is old school vintage style. It is also simple, bulletproof and can be operated by almost anyone with no training.

It works perfect and is built for pro use. This was a standard tool for theater lighting and live entertainment situations. You simply plug in your cords in the rear, feed it with one or two power sources 110V, depending on the total wattage of your bulbs. No special cables needed, no computer circuits. You can fade between 2 banks and adjust the speed of the fade. Instant on buttons for each channel, fade for each channel, master fades and on/off. It is made from aluminum and heavy duty components. The only thing I see is one ground prong hole is chipped on one socket but it still works fine, just a cosmetic issue I want to mention. Also one rubber foot was replaced with another non matching. Other then that and a few scratches and dust, this is near perfect. This is a Dove Scenemaster model SM6. If you need more photos send me your direct e mail address and I will mail then to you.

If you want a non nonsense lighting control board for your live shows, business presentations or home displays then this is it. For more info try googling it. These sold for $900 new and still pull $500+ at some retail stores.

I will ship this to anyw
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