Vintage Lightning Guider Wooden Snow Sled / Toboggan

Vintage Lightning Guider Wooden Snow Sled / Toboggan

This is a wonderful nostalgic old Lightning Guider wooden sled.

If you are unable to come out to our shop and pick up this sled, no worries - we have local hometown shipper(s) that will come out to our shop, pick it up for you - wrap it with lots of TLC and ship it right to your door at discounted rates. You will be delighted with their excellent service ~

The frame of this sled is constructed from heavy metal that's been painted black.

The seat portion is made of a sturdy medium colored wood.

On the middle of the seat in green letters it says LIGHTNING GUIDER.

Above and below the green lettering are red thunderclouds and lightning bolts.

On the top wood steering piece there are 3 red lines on both the right and left sides.

On the back of the wood seat are two circular stamps with writing on them.


Overall, the sled is in very nice shape.

There are some spots of chipped and peeling paint on the metal part. Also on the metal are some small areas of surface rust.

On the wood seat there is some black paint splatters.

There's one large spot of paint on the top of the seat. The rest are just small spatters
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