Vintage Lil Abner PAPPY & MAMMY YOKUM DOLLS 21" 1957

Welcome to my auction...

This auction is for a unique set of vintage dolls from 1957. Mammy and Pappy Yokum, Lil Abner’s parents from Dog Patch USA. The dolls are about 21” tall. They are marked on the back of their heads Baby Barry Dolls circle C 1957. They are jointed only at the neck. They are vinyl or rubber dolls with stuffed vinyl/rubber bodies. They might be wearing their original clothing, I’m not sure since I can’t find them in any of my books to verify. They both need to be cleaned. Mammy does have her pipe. She has some paint rubs on her hat. One of the button holes on her blouse is torn about 1” long. Her shirt is pinned to her skirt. Her skirt looks like a piece of flannel. She has no missing fingers or deep gouges or tears to her stuffed body that I can find. I think her socks and boots might be original. Pappy is in the same condition as Mammy no paint rubs to his head but he does have some thin hair plugs. He also has what looks like might be ink on his right hand and on the crack of his bottom. No damage to the fingers. I think he should have had a patch on the left pant leg on his pants, but it has come off. Both dolls have what look like holes in the back of their heads, like you would insert a vintage Christmas light. They may have been display pieces, I’m not sure. The holes are not damage, they look to
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