Vintage Linda Lou Kellogg's Box Top Doll + Clothes

Vintage Linda Lou Kellogg's Box Top Doll + Clothes
Description Vintage "Linda Lou" Kellogg's Box Top Doll 1960's

Now, we're really having some fun! Another one of my dolls in this new listing, Linda Lou is pretty cool. Gratefully, another ebayer has a listing with the original box top ad. I was able to find more of her clothes but not all of them. After going through several boxes, several times, I am convinced ( maybe) that I no longer have the rest of her clothes.

WYSIWYG with all my dolls but this one is a real cutie!

Linda Lou-The Doll

Linda Lou is in good condition. She once had shoes and socks but alas, this one doesn't have them any longer. She probably also had undies, but she doesn't own these any more either!!!!

Her hair is in good to very good condition. It was never washed but it is probably dusty. Her body is in good condition with no marks or any blemishes.

Linda is wearing her original dress and apron. The snap on the dress is intact and the tie on her apron is intact. The apron looks a little yellowed around the edges.

Linda Lou's Wardrobe:

T were four outfits that could be purchased along with Linda Lou. The outfits are a pink party dress, a one piece playsuit, a skirt and blouse and a sunsuit. T were two additional outfits that could be purchased also. One

This is what I have:

The Pink Party Dress:

Pink nylon velveray on pink nylon parchment. Lace trim, ribbon bow, back snap closing. T is a tear at the waistband. Looks like mom tried to sew it once but it is open and not closed. T are sew threads I see hanging from the parchment. Otherwise, the dress is in good condition.

The OnePiece Playsuit.:

White cotton blouse, red hearts, trim. Attached black cordana pants, snap closure. This outfit is in good condition. The black pants have picked up dust and t are some loose threads at the bottom of both legs.

The Red Skirt from the Skirt and Blouse Combo:

Red cordana skirt with back snap closing. If it wasn't for the posted ad on ebay, I would not have figured this one out. The cordana is the same material as the black playsuit pants so I knew what fabric to look for and the snap matched the snaps on the other clothes.


So, this outfit is the skirt only, no blouse.

The Sunsuit :


These first four outfits came as one add-on to the doll. I also have one outfit from the second add-on to wardrobe.

Additional outfits that could have been purchased:

The Blue Coat with Collar and the One Piece Sleeper.

The Blue Coat with Collar:

Blue Cordana coat, front snap closing. Imitation fur collar with blue binding and front tie.


I have the collar but I do not have the coat. I have spent some real time looking for this also to absolutely no avail. The collar is dingy around the white edges. Probably just yellowed from time. The original blue binding is intact and the tie is in good condition.

I remember as a kid trying to figure out this collar. I am sure that is why it got separated from it's coat. I just could not understand why the collar wasn't sewn right onto the coat. My mom probably spent a long time trying to explain this to me. I finally got it when she pulled out several lace collars she had and explained you would add them to a blouse to change it or make it fancier for a different occasion. She let me know this was quite the rage when she was young. When you think about it, it is a good idea. You can take a completely plain shirt and dress it up quite nicely with a detachable collar. Hmmm.......

The One Piece Sleeper:

Yellow and white window check flocked with giraffe overprint. Back snap closing. The sleeper is in good condition. It is a little dirty from being in a box a long time but otherwise, the snap is intact and t are no marks, te...

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