vintage Linden Japan World Travel Alarm Clock folding

This is a magnificent vintage folding travel alarm clock with worldwide time zone display. Works great, keeps good time, can be "calibrated" and the alarm is a loud bell. Not a simulated bell sound like in modern clocks, but an actual metal striking metal bell. The hands and numbers glow in the dark!

The item is not new and has some scratches and scuff marks.

One odd thing I have to mention: This clock has a unique ... fragrance. It smells vaguely like some kind of rose powder or perfume. Like it was stored in a drawer or a box with perfume or a sachet. Or at my grandmother's house.

Magnificent clock face. About 3 inches (76 mm) in diameter. World time is adjusted by the left roller; the alarm time is set with the right roller. Clock says it was made by "Linden Japan."

Notice the 24 hour dial and the white on black numerals. To remind you should you lose track if it's night or day as your world travels take you to far flung corners of the globe.

Folds into a compact 3 inch (76mm) package!

Side views. This clock has two winding knobs, one for the mainspring and the other for the alarm mechanism. Another knob sets the time and the lever turns the alarm on and off. T is also an adjustment for + and - for accurate regulation. (adjust the regulator if the clock runs fast or slow. Right
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