7 Vintage Line Pocket Level Stevens Lea Stanley Athol

selling 7 mini pocket levels

what you will be getting

1. Athol machine co. Athol Mass. usa NO. 422.... this is in pretty nice shape for its age but its missing the level part in the middle

2. LEA mfc co. pat pending. this level is accurate and is the free standing level. it has some rust issues.

3. stanley handyman no. HL267 line level its in pretty nice shape for its old age. needs a cleaning. accurate level

4 &5. There is 2 stevens NO.555 levels both are in great shape

6. the gold colored level that has no name on it. its a great level i just dont know who made it. its clean and accurate nice everyday level

7.J.L.T labled level. the silver line level j.l.t are the only writing i can find on it. its is also a great everyday use level

All levels that have the level in it work well

most could use a good cleaning

a few rare levels you should add tou your collection

any questions please ask i would love to help

they are all sold as is no returns accepted