Vintage linen printed, Royal standard and other flags.

Vintage/Antique Linen printed with the Royal standard of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, surrounded by 157 other flags on a White background with a blue border, 74cm. (29") wide by 60cm. (24") in Deep.
This is a interesting fabric I found hidden in a piece of furniture that I restored it was folded in a jammed up drawer. I have no idea of how long it was in there. It is printed on a fine linen and from the look of the various flags I presume it to be Victorian dating between 1850 to 1860. One of the flags (New Zealand) has the date 1837 or 1857 printed along side. My guess is it may have been printed around the time of the Great Exhibition, What its use was I have no idea, perhaps it was for educational purposes or may be a souvenir. (if any one has any information or ideas of its possible date and use I would be grateful if you would contact me.)
The linen is printed with the Royal Standard in the centre and 157 other flags surround it. Each flag has a description printed on top and some also have pennants. There are too many flags to list separably but they include the American Insign and pendant, French flag, Russian standard (two headed Eagle) Portugal standard and Spanish standard. There is a papal flag and some city flags also Trinity house, Cineque ports, American President, American Jack and East
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